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Introducing Healthy Options

Here at Yoder's we have people come in all the time looking for healthy additions and something unique to spice up their diet with, so we've been busily adding new products. We've brought in Gluten-Free Crackers, Dried Cherries, Diabetic Candies and Fruit Mixes. One of our most sought after items, Coconut Oil, has been taken to the drawing board. We've heard people mention its many uses from lotions, baking, hair product and even tooth paste making. So we decided that if people were going to use it for all that, we should at least provide the best you can get! So we got in Raw Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, a pure product that you can feel absolutely comfortable with consuming or applying to your skin and hair.

Our Coconut Oil is Virgin Organic, Cold-pressed, Non-GMO, Unrefined and USDA Approved.

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